Score Amazone Saddle Stool


What is it? 

Score are a long-established manufacturer of saddle stools for medical professionals and office workers. The Amazone tilting stool is the most popular stool in the range with height and tilt adjustment. 

Who does it help? 

The Score Amazone Stool has the narrowest seat width in the range and is most popular for female professionals. The narrow-angled profile allows the legs to be positioned more towards the sides of the stool.

The Score Saddle stools were originally desgined for dental and medical professionals who still make up the majority of customers. Notably, there has been quite a large increase in home office workers and kitchen users who prefer the feel of saddle stool to a standard office chair or flat stool.

    Adjustability Credentials:

    The Amazone by score stool has a lever-based forwards and backwards tilting mechanism. 

    This feature not only allows you to put more weight thought the legs (which is great for manoeuvrability) but also allows you to naturally tilt the pelvis forwards, which in turn encourages you to sit more upright

    There is also a height adjustment option which enables you to optimise your position around your work area and sit in a higher position. This in turn opens out the hip joint which is a more comfortable position for a lot of users.

    Aesthetic Credentials:

    Score have developed a reputation for having some of best-looking saddle stools available. For dental/medical professionals score saddle stools can come in a range of stamskin colours and cleanable fabrics. More recently score have also bought in a range of fabrics for home office users. You can see all the score options below.

    Sustainability Credentials:

    Score don’t talk a lot about their environmental policies on their site and so it is difficult to gauge how eco-friendly they are.It is possible to say that the chairs have a warranty of 5 years.


    Brand: Score

    Warranty: 5 years

    Product Weight: 13 kg

    Base Diameter: 560mm

    Weight Limit: 50 – 120 kg

    Castor Size: 65 mm

    Seat dimensions: 34 x 30 cm (W x D)

    Selecting Your Options

    Gas Stem:

    The gas stem is the central strut that connects the base to the seat top and is the mechanism that enables you to adjust the height of the stool. There are three gas stem options which should be selected based on your height.

    • Low (Work surface height 70-80 cm)
    • Standard (Work surface height 80-90 cm)
    • High (Work surface height 90-100 cm)

    Seat Mechanism:

    There are who mechanisms at the top of the score saddle stool.

    -Adjustable Seat: A tilting mechanism enables you to use a lever to adjust the upright position of the saddle. By tilting the saddle seat forwards you are able to put more weight through your feet and sit more upright. We have found this mechanism to be very successful with individuals who get pain when their back is flexed and are more comfortable in a more upright position.

    -Balance: The alternative to the tilt mechanism is the balance mechanism which allows a small degree of movement in all directions whilst sitting on the stool. This mechanism has been inspired by Swiss ball sitting and is designed to strengthen your core muscles as they work to maintain the seat position.


    As a standard the stools come with castors suitable for hard floors. However, we can supply other castors including castors for carpets, lockable castors and loaded castors. If you are not sure what castors you need, please contact us.


    There is a range of fabric options available. For dental use the two most popular options are the leather and artificial leather fabrics. For normal dental practices, we recommend the breathable and durable genuine leather, and for laboratories the disinfect able artificial leather.

    Additional Accessories


    Score Amazone Footring

    The footring is designed to be fastened at the bottom of the gas stem and is designed to provide a firm support surface for the feet when sitting in a higher position

    Backrest/lumbar support

    Score Amazone Backrest/lumbar support

    The backrest is designed to give an extra layer of support for longer procedures and for dental professionals with specific spine support needs. The support fits into the low part of the spine and is both height adjustable and back angle adjustable.

    360 Degree Support:

    Score Amazone 360 Degree Support

    The 360-degree upper limb support is a highly adjustable dynamic support. The unique feature of this support is the ability to position the support at any position around the body, this gives the user an enormous amount of flexibility in terms of upper limb support and is particularly popular with dental hygienists and dental nurses.

    Foot Control: 

    Occasionally professionals need to keep hands free for procedure they are working on and do not want to then have to adjust the seat height. In these situations some people prefer to use a foot adjuster to control the height of the stool. The foot adjuster is positioned just above the stool base and allows effortless height adjustment with the press of the foot.


      Score Stools chairs take 2-4 weeks to deliver. For more information on our delivery policy, please see our terms and conditions.


      On non-bespoke items, you have 14 days from the receipt of goods ordered to return items for a full refund, excluding carriage and installation. The cost of returning goods to us is to be at your own expense. Please see our terms and conditions for more details on delivery and returns.


      The Score stoolscome with a 5-year warranty. Please see our terms and conditions for more details on the warranty.


      There are no large, independent, gold-standard RCTs on the long-term benefits of any chair brand that we know of. In the absence of the gold standard, we look to what information is available.

      There is a small body of evidence that has focused on the effects of saddle sitting on posture. These studies have mainly been done on dentists and dental students because of the high incidence of musculoskeletal issues in this professional group. In general, the early findings support the idea of saddle-shaped seats as a way of encouraging a more upright posture when working on patients.

      Unverified Reports:

      Unverified reports are reviews and case studies that we have found online. Whilst unverified commendations do not have the same scientific rigour and credibility as research, they are can still offer some early insights into what equipment may be worth exploring in more depth.

      Which conditions benefit from the Score Stool? Most people purchasing the score saddle stool have back pain. Many report that they like the extended position of sitting on a saddle and open hip angle. Notably whilst the score jumper is growing in popularity the Score amazone is most popular for females with back pain 

      Other conditions where Scorestools have been reported to help include:

      -Hip pain

      -Coccyx pain

      -General back and neck aches

      How much has a Scorestool helped?Many customers have searched out a Score because they have not been comfortable on standard-shaped stools and will often have a significant issue. Over the years, hundreds of customers have reported a significant benefit to their back pain. A lot of people report that they particularly like the more open hip angle which takes pressure off their low back.

      How much effort do you need to put in?Like most other saddle stools, most customers will report a significant transition period when they first get a score saddle stool, which can lead to temporary saddle soreness, generalised aches, and thigh ache. This transition period normally lasts 1-2 weeks, but for some people it can take 3-6 months. There is little research on what causes this, but it seems possible that it is related to the body adapting to the new sitting position.

      What work/hobbies is the Score saddle stoolbest for?Score stools are most commonly used by female dental professionals, including dental nurses, dentists, and dental hygienists. Increasingly, however, the stools are increasingly being used by home office workers.

      Who should use the Amazone Balance?

      The Amazone Balance is designed to develop core muscle strength and is most popular for dental professionals looking to improve posture and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury. Occasionally, we have found that the Balance is too challenging for individuals who have recently had back or pelvic surgery or a recent back injury and so do not recommend it in these situations.

      How far does the seat move on the Score Amazone and Jumper Balance?

      The stool can move approximately 5-7 degrees in all directions.

      What is the difference between the Amazone and Amazone Balance?

      The stools are identical in every way except for the movement mechanism. The movement mechanism on the standard Amazone allows lever-based forwards and backwards tilt whilst the active movement mechanism on the Amazone Balance allows a small amount of movement (>5 degrees) in all directions.

      Who should use the Amazone saddle stool?

      The vast majority of females who use the Amazone stool get on very well. In particular dental professionals who get pain relief from a more extended spine position tend to find the higher sitting position and forward pelvic tilt more comfortable. 

      How far does the seat move on the Score Amazone and Jumper Stools?

      Using the lever adjustment, the seat will tilt through a range of up to 20 degrees.

      Who should use the Score Jumper?

      The Score Jumper is designed to enable a more upright posture during sitting and is most popular for male dental professionals who get most comfort in a higher extended spine position.

      What is the difference between the Jumper and Jumper Balance?

      The stools are identical in every way except for the movement mechanism. The movement mechanism on the standard Jumper allows lever based forwards and backwards tilt whilst the active movement mechanisms on the Jumper balance allows a small amount of movement in all direction.

      What is the warranty period?

      5 years

      If you need help finding the right equipment please contact us

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