Aeris Muvman Sit-to-Stand Stool


What is it? The Muvman is produced by aeris, a german manufacturer of functional, ergonomic seating devices. Like the popular, Muvman is an active stool sitting device, meaning it tilts and is designed to engage your core whilst sitting. It is essentially a barstool design made for adjustable sit-standing desk setups and customer-facing setups where you want to be in a high position.

It has a movement joint where the stem meets the baseplate, allowing you to tilt the seat in different directions.

Who does it help? This product with various applications helps whether for work or hobbies. This is an active workplace tool suitable for desk work and meetings. However, it is also suitable for use around the home; for example, sitting at a desk while painting or writing or using it as a stool at a breakfast bar.

Generally, the two largest customer groups are

  1. People with back injuries. The purpose is to engage the core and keep the spine moving in a much higher sitting position. Some people who experience back pain or have a back injury find this higher position and gentle movement very helpful.
  2. Injury prevention. The other broad category of customers is those wanting to prevent injuries associated with sitting. These customers often report that they like muvman because they believe it keeps their core and spine more active and helps to improve posture and reduce the chance of injury

    Adjustability Credentials:

    Height: Unlike the Swopper, the Muvman is a sit-stand stool, and its height adjusts between 51 cm and 84 cm (22-33”). There’s also a high version, which ranges between 60 cm and 93 cm. 

    It’s suitable for adjustable or tall desks. It also works well where you spend lots of time on your feet and need to be able to offload sometimes whilst still being in a high position. For example, in a bank or customer-facing position where you are meeting customers, you may get tired of always standing but at the same time don’t want customers towering above you.

    Active Movement: The Muvman has a 4-degree tilt joint at the base, meaning the chair moves when you do. The tilt joint relies on a spring strut, much like the company’s Swopper stool. It allows you to keep your feet flat on the ground while extending your reach and keeping your back straight.

    Initially, this sense of movement might feel a bit unusual at higher extensions, as it becomes quite noticeable. But once you adjust to the active sitting position, it should feel more natural.

    The tilt joint is balanced against a weighty, non-slip rubber base for greater security. The seat includes something Aeris has dubbed “Flexzone technology” that it claims helps with improved circulation. In short, the seat’s cushion is convex and designed to reduce pressure on the tissues in your lower leg.

    The Muvman doesn’t move as much as some other active seating devices, primarily because it focuses on tilt movement. Its design is meant to keep your spine straight, and this doesn’t require as much movement as other active setups. 

    To correctly use the Muvman, you don’t sit on it. Instead, you lean against the seat and allow it to take some of your weight while keeping the rest on your feet. This takes some of the load off your legs but keeps your core engaged and active.

    Aesthetic Credentials:

    Henner Jahns of Aeris designed the Muvman as a follow-up to the company’s ever-popular Swopper stool. It works on the same principle of active movement but for higher sit-standing desks.

    All models follow the same basic design principle: a glass-fibre-reinforced polyamide base, a metal stem, and a soft polyurethane cushion. The cushion cover materials range from a wool blend and artificial leather to polyester. The wool blends have the greatest abrasion resistance, but all are pretty hardwearing.

    The seat has a small handle on the back so you can move the chair around. At 6.3 kg all in all, it should be easy enough to move for most users.

    Aeris has received numerous design awards for its products and is often seen as a disruptor in the active sitting seating market.

    Sustainability Credentials:

    Aeris builds its Muvman chairs by hand in Germany and is proud of its eco credentials. The factory runs on solar power and has done so since the early 2000s.

    The materials used in the Muvman are environmentally friendly (but not recyclable) and have the following certifications:

    • LEED Low-Emitting Materials
    • ANSI/BIFMA X7.1-2011 (Low-Emission VOC Materials)
    • LBC Imperative 08 (Clean Air Standard)

    WELL Feature 04 VOC Reduction (Clean Air Standard)


    Brand: Aeris

    Warranty: 3 years

    Boxed Dimension: 69 x 39 x 43 cm

    Product Weight: 6.2 kg

    Weight Limit: 120 kg

    Base Diameter: 38 cm

    Seat Width: 32 cm

    Seat Depth: 34 cm

    Selecting Your Options

    Strut Size: 

    The stools have a one-size seat top that fits most adults. The other consideration is the spring strut. The strut comes in 2 sizes on the Muvman, and the choice depends on your height and what you need to do.

    Strut Standard: As the name suggests, this strut fits most customers (body weight up to 120 kg).

    Strut High: This fits users up to 120 kg and is best for people who want to sit at a height range from 60-93 cm.

    Column, Seat Support, and Foot Plate Colour:

    There are 2 colour options for the column seat support and footplate: grey and black.

    Seat Fabric: 

    There are 4 different fabric choices which are normally selected based on aesthetics, cost, and function.

    • Artificial Leather: This robust cheapest fabric comes in black only.
    • Wool Capture and Gabriel: These fabricsare both natural fibres and so are popular for people who prefer natural products. These fabric colours are more subtle and have been selected to fit in with home office colours.

    Microfibre: This is one of the most popular fabrics used on the Aeris Muvman chairs for use in work office environments. Microfibre seat covers are engineered with ultrafine fibres to be slightly softer, more stain resistant, and cooler to the touch.


    Muvman chairs take 3-4 weeks to deliver. For more details on delivery, please see our terms and conditions.


    On non-bespoke items, you have 14 days from the receipt of goods ordered to return items for a full refund, excluding carriage and installation. The cost of returning goods to us is to be at your own expense. Please see our terms and conditions for more details on delivery and returns.


    The Aeris Muvman comes with a 3-year warranty (please note that this cannot be transferred to another owner). For more details on the warranty, please see our terms and conditions.

    Research: There are no large, independent, gold-standard RCTs on the long-term benefits of any chair brand that we know of. In the absence of the gold standard, we look to what information is available. Unlike many manufacturers, Aeris has taken the time to invest in a number of research studies since 1995. To see some more of this research, please click here.

    As far as we can see, most of the Aeris research studies have been done on the Swopper and so there is little research evaluating the Muvman. Aeris has reported what they describe as “an expert statement,” which is essentially a short case report of the Muvman in a work setting. They observed the use of a stool in a factory for assembly activities that would normally done in a standing position. The most notable finding was that they felt the tilt better allowed workers to access the machines without so much bending and hunching of the body. Because this report has not been repeated in larger randomised, controlled trials, it is difficult to generalise these results to a wider population.

    Unverified Reports: Unverified reports are reviews and case studies that we have found online. Whilst unverified commendations do not have the same scientific rigour and credibility as research, they are can still offer some early insights into what equipment may be worth exploring in more depth.

    Which conditions benefit from the Muvman? Most people who have given feedback on the Aeris Muvman have purchased it to help alleviate back pain. There is not enough data to suggest that it is more helpful for a specific type of back pain.

    How much has a Muvman helped? Overall, there is not enough feedback to give any indication on how much a Muvman helps people. The features that have been highlighted on some occasions are the high working position and easy tilt which help people get more on top of their work.

    How much effort do you need to put in?

    Like most stools, the Muvman feels firmer than a standard chair because you have a shorter portion of the leg on the seat. People may notice this a lot more if they are pressure sensitive or have sciatica.

    Getting used to a new sitting height can feel unusual to start with, and so for many people there is transition period involved with a Muvman. Some people report it can take a couple of weeks to get used to whilst for others it can take months.

    What work/hobbies is the Muvman best for?

    In terms of functionality, the Muvman is most often purchased as a perch chair for people who like standing but want periods time where they can off-load slightly.

    The padding is reported to be most comfortable for short periods, and so people will often split their time on a Muvman and standing desk. There is little evidence on how regularly you should do this, but a common industry pattern is to transition between positions every 30-45 minutes.

    Should I get a Muvman or a Swopper? It all depends on what you need. The Muvman tends to be more popular when people need to sit in a high position at work. In contrast, the Swopper tends to be most popular when people want a really active sitting experience and need to sit at a lower position.

    Do I need a stand-up desk with my Muvman? The stool puts you almost into a perching position. This can be a little high for standard desks, and so most people investing in a Muvman will have a higher desk or a sit-stand desk.

    Can you adjust the height? Yes, there is a simple height adjustment lever that you can use to adjust the sitting height.

    Why is my gas stem stiff? Sometimes when you get the Muvman, the gas stem can feel a little stiff. This stiffness will gradually dissipate over the first week of use.

    If you need help finding the right equipment please contact us

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