Hag Capisco Stool


What is it?

It is designed to counter the problems associated with long-term sedentary behaviour. As it horse rider’s position as inspiration, the Capisco uses what we would describe as a hybrid between a flat seat and a saddle seat which is designed to encourage the user to adopt a range of different sitting styles. The user is free to explore the gamut from semi-standing to sideways to a more traditional posture, albeit with an open-hipped position.

Who does it help?

We have found the fully Hag Capisco chair to be most popular for people with back pain who like a high perching sitting position but find full saddle sitting a little too much

It is primarily aimed at workers who habitually stay seated for long periods of time and use a sit-stand desk. More specifically, the Capisco appeals to those who are keen on preserving their back health by maintaining good posture while seated.

There is a range of HAG capisco models which are essentially all the same basic chair with different accessories.

-8105 HAG Capisco with classic saddle seat

-8106 HAG Capisco with classic saddle seat and backrest

-8107 HAG Capisco with classic saddle seat and backrest and Neckrest

-8126 HAG Capisco with flat rounded seat and backrest

-8127 HAG Capisco with flat rounded seat and backrest and headrest

Adjustability Credentials:

The Hag Capisco chair features quite extensive adjustability. The 200mm gas lift gives a seat height range of 470-655mm, making it suited to any workstation height of 720mm or greater. Seat depth, headrest height and back height are adjustable, as is the backwards tilt tension.

Aesthetic Credentials:

it is a good looking fully upholstered seat. A unique cut out back shape lends a distinctive look to any workplace. Futuristic yet classic.

Sustainability Credentials:

Deliberately constructed from as few components as possible to limit environmental impact, resulting in a low carbon footprint of 45kg CO2. The make-up features 50% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial waste and are 90% recyclable. It contains no hazardous chemicals. The Hag Capisco has several Scandinavian eco-certifications, including the Swan and Greengard certificates.

Option / Accesories

Seat shape comes in two forms: classic saddle and rounded front. In the saddle form, backrest and headrest are optional. In the rounded format, the backrest is integral, while the headrest is optional.

The textile upholstery is available in a range of ten colours and a number of price points, to give options in both decor and durability.

The metal stand is available in white, silver or black. Footbase comes in aluminium, with a choice of polished or painted black. Soft floors or hard floor casters are offered. Gliders are also available, which suit all floor surfaces. 

The gas lift comes in three sizes: 150mm, 200mm and 265mm. 

Finally, there is a raised footrest available in white, silver or black


In stock HAG Stools chairs take 2-3 days to deliver whilst bespoke colours take 6 weeks to deliver depending on the colour you choose. For more information on our delivery policy, please see our terms and conditions.


On non-bespoke items, you have 14 days from the receipt of goods ordered to return items for a full refund, excluding carriage and installation. The cost of returning goods to us is to be at your own expense. Please see our terms and conditions for more details on delivery and returns.


The Hag Capisco comes with a 10-year warranty. Please see our terms and conditions for more details on the warranty.


There are no large, independent, gold standard RCTs on the long-term benefits of any chair brand that we know of. No academic research was available on the HAG Capisco at the time of writing.

Unverified reports:

Unverified reports are reviews and case studies that we have found online. Whilst unverified commendations do not have the same scientific rigour and credibility as research, they are can still offer some early insights into what equipment may be worth exploring in more depth.

What conditions does the Capisco help? From the small amount of feedback out there the pattern seems to be that users who have reported a benefit normally have a condition that is exacerbated by a static seating position. The Capisco encourages the user to change position regularly, which is thought by some scientists to ease pressure on the spine as well as increasing circulation. User reviews include reference to non-specific back discomfort being eased as well as a diminution of pain associated with herniated discs.

How much has a Capisco helped? Reviews are normally highly biased towards positive benefits. However, most users leaving feedback do report significant changes in their comfort levels when using the chair. For some discomfort returned when other seats were subsequently tried, only to diminish again when the user reverted to the Capisco.

How difficult is it to use a Capisco for work and hobbies? As with most ergonomic chairs, most users experience a degree of initial unfamiliarity. However, reports tend to indicate that this disappears quickly.

What work/hobbies is the Capisco best for? The regular change in sitting position that the chair is designed to encourage may not suit certain activities that require complete and prolonged stasis. However, the chairs tend to be popular for a wide range of computer-based tasks

How long is the warranty on the HAG Capisco? Ten years, for chairs that are in use up to nine hours per day. For chairs that are to be used up to 24 hours per day, the warranty is five years. The gas lift’s pneumatic cylinder has a lifetime guarantee. The Puls’ seat cushion has a three-year warranty.

What is the user weight limit? The Capisco is suitable for users up to 114kg in weight.

How big are the chairs? The standard Capisco seat width is 470mm, and the depth is 340-420mm. The height, depending on the gas lift chosen, can vary from 380mm to 790mm. Seat back is 460mm. The Capisco Puls seat width is a little trimmer, at 460mm but the depth is greater, at 400-470mm. Overall height across the options is from 365mm to 770mm. Seat back is 400mm.

Can you adjust the height? Yes. Both models feature an impressive amount of adjustability in overall height (the 200mm gas lift gives a height range of 470mm-655mm), which gives suitability for any work height of over 720mm. Back and headrest height are also adjustable. Adjustability is controlled with levers under the seat surface.

How heavy are the chairs? The standard Capisco weighs 7.5kg when purchased without back and headrest. With back, it weighs 13.5kg. With headrest as well, it weighs 14.5kg. (Note: the rounded front version is 0.5kg heavier.) The Capisco Puls weighs 7kg without back, and 11.1kg with back (it does not come with a headrest option).

What is the difference between the Capisco models? The Puls is a greener and more affordable model than the Capisco standard. It is lighter and more streamlined, featuring moulded polyurethane and sleeker angles. The standard Capisco might be a better fit for somebody wanting a more padded seat. The standard Capisco also features a more pronounced pommel at the front of the saddle design.

Which types of professionals have used the Capisco? Office workers, as well as many other people for whom work involves sitting for significant periods of time. One group reported to find the seat helpful in their activities is that of musicians, who find that the footrest is situated at a height especially useful when playing the guitar or similar.

Who invented the Capisco? The original design came from Norwegian Peter Opsvik, of design studio Peter Opsvik AS. Opsvik’s approach differs from most ergonomic designers in his emphasis on encouraging the user to change position while working. As he puts it, ‘your next sitting position is the best’. Opsvik came up with the design 30 years ago, but his devotion to ergonomic seating goes back even further. It was 40 years ago that he brought into being the Variable Balans kneeling chair, which revolutionised seating around the globe. Peter Opsvik AS continues to explore new sitting concepts, with sustainability at the core of its efforts.

How long does it take to get used to using a Capisco? Most users report that it takes a little time to become accustomed to using a Capisco. The chair is designed to make it easy to find a comfortable position and to change to another one when the need arises. This has the benefit of making it more readily usable by those used to traditional forms of seating than is the case with some competitors. Some users find that they dislike the posture changes required while using the chair for extended periods of time, but this objection can be eased with repeated usage.

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