CoreChair Stool


What is it

 It is an ergonomic active-sitting office stool/chair. The CoreChair top tilts with the user in order to stimulate the user’s balance motor. The design incorporates a short backrest which works in tandem with the memory foam sculpted seat to give a sitting position that is designed to keep the pelvis stable, prevent slumping and encourage better posture. CoreChair is armrest-free, intended to enable the user to enjoy unimpeded access to the workstation.

Who does it help?

It is designed to help a range of people both with and without injury. Customer feedback indicates that the majority of customers have back injuries and or non-specific back discomfort.

It is designed to help strengthen the small postural muscles around the core which may in the long term turn help to protect the spine during everyday activities. The exact role of the CoreChair in protecting the spine is still debated by scientists but may help in this regard. 

    Adjustability Credentials: The corechair features adjustable height, adjustable seat depth and adjustable tilt resistance. All three features of active sitting chair are adjusted with paddles under the seat. A round workstation mobility is facilitated through heavy-duty full bearing casters.

    Aesthetic Credentials: Modern styling in black (other colors are available). Minimalist: simple curves and no armrests. 3D knit fabric cover.

    Sustainability Credentials: The entire corechair is made from recycled or recyclable materials. The cover is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The overall construction of corechair is built to last, with a 8 year warranty. corechair participates in carbon offset programs to make up for shipping emissions. Plastic free packaging.


    Brand: corechair

    Warranty: 7 years

    Product Weight: 15.5 kg

    Seat Width: 490mm

    Seat Depth: 420-460mm

    Base diameter: 650mm

    Selecting Your Options


    There Corechair 3D knit fabric cover comes in are 5 main seat colours including Red, Grey, Black, Dark Blue, Apple Green.

    Chair Height

    The core stool comes in two heights. Small which is more suitable for users under 5ft 5 and standard for users over 5ft 5.


    The stool can come with castors for a hard floor or castors for a carpeted floor.


      Corechair stools take 4-6 weeks to deliver. For more information on our delivery policy, please see our terms and conditions.


      On non-bespoke items, you have 14 days from the receipt of goods ordered to return items for a full refund, excluding carriage and installation. The cost of returning goods to us is to be at your own expense. Please see our terms and conditions for more details on delivery and returns.


      The Corechair comes with a 8 year warranty. Please see our terms and conditions for more details on the warranty.


      There are no large, independent, gold standard RCTs on the long-term benefits of any chair brand that we know of. In the absence of the gold standard, we look to what information is available.

      A small number of studies have taken place at a number of universities with encouraging results. Please note due to the nature of this type of research the results have to be considered cautiously and would really need to be repeated in much larger studies blinded randomised controlled studies to have a high level of confidence in the results

      A University of Waterloo study indicated that the Corechair can deliver sitting posture and pelvic activation benefits akin to and even superior to an optimally adjusted exercise ball.A study at the University of Guelph demonstrated enhanced circulation in Corechair users. Finally, a Cornell University study reported greater user comfort in core chair users when compared with other ergonomic chairs in the study.

      Unverified reports:

      Unverified reports are reviews and case studies that we have found online. Whilst unverified commendations do not have the same scientific rigour and credibility as research, they are can still offer some early insights into what equipment may be worth exploring in more depth.

      User reviews tend to concentrate upon how much better the user is feeling after using the Corechair for a number of weeks and so the longer-term effects are less week know. 

      There are a large number of reports of better posture, comfort and mobility when compared to sitting in conventional chairs. Some users also report that their core strength has improved.  

      What conditions does the Corechair help?The majority of conditions helped by the Corechair are back related: soreness in lower back, spinal immobility after sitting and non-specific back pain are all cited. As are other areas of discomfort, such as pain with joint replacements.  

      How much has a Corechair helped?Users report greater comfort in sitting, both during and afterwards. Instances of pain and immobility have been reduced and the amount of change has ranged from small to moderate with continued use of a Corechair. In addition, improvements to posture and energy levels have been experienced in some users. Please note these are unverified reviews and we know different people can respond differently and so we recommend you try the stool to see how it feels for you and your condition.

      How difficult is it to use a Corechair for work and hobbies?Because the chair moves, it is likely to feel different to a standard office chair experience which may feel a little strange initially. Notably you can adjust the active movement tension, which is helpful when you first start using the stool.

      What work/hobbies is the Corechair best for?The Corechair is popular for workstation activities. There are a few reports of the core chair being used in dental and medical workplaces but less feedback has been reported here.

      How long is the warranty? The corechair has a 8 year warranty.

      What is the user weight limit? The warranty limit is 113kg. 

      How big are the chairs? The sitting area of the chair is 49cm wide by 42-46cm depth.

      Can you adjust the height? Yes, with a paddle under the seat top. The height range of the stool is 43-49cm (47-57cm in the large option).

      How heavy are the chairs? The chair weighs 15.4kg. 

      Which types of professionals have used the Corechair? Office workers represent a large user group and increasingly home office workers.

      Who invented the Corechair? Patrick Harrison, a sports medicine specialist who wanted to tackle issues associated with sedentary working practices, without having to resort to fitness balls or standing desks.

      How long does it take to get used to using a Corechair? Some users find that they are comfortable with it after only one day. Others take longer to get used to the different sensation of sitting in an ergonomic chair. It is recommended to alternate sitting and standing during initial usage. 

      If you need help finding the right equipment please contact us

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