Backapp Wheels Stool


What is it?

It is a dynamic chair for use in the workplace and at home. It is identical to the Backapp chair, except for the fact that it was a base with wheels.

Designed in Norway and constructed in Sweden from sturdy and sustainable materials, this s a stool with back and wheels in use by over 100,000 users across the world.

It differs from conventional seating in that it requires the user to maintain a degree of activity during the sitting process. A soon as the user sits in the saddle-style seat, active balancing is undertaken by the user.

The Backapp is designed to try and help users by encouraging them to stabilize their sitting position and in turn exercise a number of muscles around the spine whilst working

The idea is that the user will be almost unaware of the effort this takes, much like when riding a bicycle or similar.

For those wishing to derive extra benefit, it is also possible to take part in more advanced exercise routines with the help of it, with instructions supplied by the manufacturer.

Who does it help?

This is ideal for use by two groups, primarily:

1)Those with back injuries. It is designed to help by working and possibly strengthening the muscles around the spine

2) those who sit for prolonged periods and are looking to maintain spinal health and prevent injury

    Adjustability Credentials:

    One of the strengths of backapp chair is that there are no complicated adjustments necessary. A simple turn of the central balancing ball gives more or less balance activity by controlling the tilt of the chair. This can be increased as the user gains experience.

    This is one size chair fits all users so it makes the chair suitable for a range of different users equipping an office very straightforward.

    Aesthetic Credentials:

    It is made from a combination of quality materials such as aluminium, leather and Nordic wool, it is a stool with back and wheels is a stylish and attractive addition to the workplace or home.

    Appearance is customizable: The buyer has a choice in seat color of black or red, and there are four different (including two vegan) seat materials to select from. Different colored bases and balance balls are also available.

    Sustainability Credentials:

    Throughout its build, it is a stool with wheels features components sourced with sustainability in mind. The frame of backapp is stool with wheels is constructed from 99.9% recycled aluminum and most of the rest of the seat is made from renewable materials. The entire seat is 100% free of heavy metals, and 90% of its parts were sourced locally in Scandinavia.

    With a five-year guarantee given as standard, longevity is a key characteristic of the chair.

    When the chair is ready to be replaced, all the components are readily recycled.


    Brand: BackApp

    Warranty: 5 years

    Product Weight: 6kg

    Base Diameter: 680mm

    Weight Limit: 110kg

    Overall height: 26.2” - 35.1”

    Overall width: 23.75”

    Sitting height: 21.4” - 30.3”

    Selecting Your Options


    There are 3 main fabrics supplied in the UK including Nordic Wool, Alcantara and Faux Leather.

    The Nordic Wool Seat Cover Nordic Wool is composed of 88 % pure new wool and 12% polyamide, providing excellent durability of 120.000 Martindale and very good pilling resistance. It is 100% free of heavy metals and the appearance of the material is similar to that of felt wool.

    The Alcantara Seat Cover Alcantara is composed of 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane, providing excellent durability and stain resistance. The appearance and tactile feel of the material is similar to that of suede.

    The Faux Leather Seat Cover is 89% PVC-compound, 11% CO/PES knitted fabric. It is particularly easy to care for, pleasantly soft, stretchable and abrasion resistant.

    Tensioner Ball:

    The tensioner ball can increase or decrease the degree of movement on the stool, and this can come in black or red.


    The base comes in silver or black colour as standard. For an additional surcharge you can get a polished aluminium style.


      Backapp chairs take 3-5 weeks to deliver. For more information on our delivery policy, please see our terms and conditions.


      On non-bespoke items, you have 14 days from the receipt of goods ordered to return items for a full refund, excluding carriage and installation. The cost of returning goods to us is to be at your own expense. Please see our terms and conditions for more details on delivery and returns.


      The Backappcomes with a 5-year warranty. Please see our terms and conditions for more details on the warranty.


      There are no large, independent, gold standard RCTs on the long-term benefits of any chair brand that we know of. In the absence of the gold standard, we look to what information is available.

      Backapp is one of the few manufacturers who have attempted to evaluate the effectiveness of its stools and have produced 5-10 field studies on its stools. Please note, however, that these studies have been relatively small and there are also few details on how well controlled these studies were and so you have to bear this in mind when evaluating the results.

      Out of the workplace studies that have taken place, most studies have reported a positive effect of Backapp sitting on low back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. Not surprisingly, this reduction in musculoskeletal pain has been associated with an increase in productivity. Some preliminary findings also suggest that sitting on the backapp may help with lowering fatigue levels in the day 

      Unverified reports:

      Unverified reports are reviews and case studies that we have found online. Whilst unverified commendations do not have the same scientific rigour and credibility as research, they are can still offer some early insights into what equipment may be worth exploring in more depth.

      What conditions does the Backapp help?From the reviews available online, it appears that most users leaving feedback have purchased the back app to help with low back pain. The back pain has ranged from chronic nonspecific low back pain and slipped discs to simple back stiffness. Many of the users have found the Backapp

      stool helped them work with noticeably less pain. Some users noted that they found the movement of the stool the most helpful feature.

      How much has a Backapp helped? Most feedback given highlights significant changes in pain levels which could mean they could work longer whilst for others it was the only chair, they could get comfortable on.

      How difficult is it to use a Backapp for work and hobbies? The Backapp is easy to use and adjust to suit individual preference. The balance ball is adjusted with a simple twist, then place the chair under the desk in the position you would like it to remain. The swivel top enables you to sit down and ‘swivel in’ to position.

      It being a stool, users who are accustomed to a seat with a backrest may find the experience a little unfamiliar initially. Certain techniques, for instance alternating sitting and standing for brief periods, will help this to pass.

      What work/hobbies is the Backapp best for? The Backapp Hip appears to mostly have been used for people working on computers at a desk. Several musicians have also reported that the stool can be helpful when playing. The stool has been used by some medical professionals, but we have not seen much feedback in this group.

      Does the Backapp fit everyone? They are designed to suit a broad range of sizes and shapes, with a maximum user weight of 11Okg. The seat top is 400mm wide and 353mm deep and is made of pliable but durable polypropylene which gives flexibility under the thighs and around the rear rim, meaning it can cater for a wide spectrum of user variability.

      How long does it take to get used to sitting in a Backapp? For those users who are accustomed only to a standard office chair, it is quite likely that they will need some adjustment time before they feel entirely at home with the Backapp. Consequently, it is recommended that an incremental approach is taken initially, building up one’s use until total comfort is achieved. We have found transitions taking as little as 1 week all the way up to 6 months.

      Is it comfortable to sit without a backrest at a workstation? With the majority of users, it’s a matter of acclimatisation. Some become accustomed to it extremely quickly whilst for others they may need the option to move to a backrest from time to time

      Do Backapp stools improve health? Some studies have been carried out which indicate improvements in comfort and a concomitant rise in productivity. There should be an awareness though that these studies have been small and usually funded by the manufacturer, so there is more work to be done in this field. In reviews online, users suffering from back pain have reported an improvement in their symptoms, produced by the movement inherent in the chair’s design.

      How long is the chair warranty? The chair’s warranty guarantees it for 5 years, assuming a usage of around 8 hours per day.

      What is the weight limit on the Backapp Hipp? The weight limit for users of the Backapp Hipp is 113kg.

      What is the difference between the Backapp models?  The key difference as far as user experience is in the nature of the seat top. The Hip features a cushioned top which can be covered in one of four fabrics. The Hipp is constructed from soft recycled plastic, moulded to accommodate the pelvis and underthigh.

      Which types of professionals have used the BackApp chairs? Office workers, architects, designers.

      Who invented the backapp? Dr Freddy Johnsen, who, having undergone two unsuccessful spinal surgeries, wanted to tackle his ongoing discomfort with a revolutionary approach to sitting. His resulting inventions have gone on to sell more than 60,000 units.

      Do I need Backapp Hip? If you need easy transportability, then yes. The Hip facilitate ease of movement from one workstation to another, or into a storage position. However, Backapp chairs are not heavy (the Hipp is around 5kg) so can be lifted into position if preferable. 

      If you need help finding the right equipment please contact us

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