Our Mission

Our mission is to build a Global Network connecting you with the world’s pre-eminent suppliers of cutting edge assistive, rehabilitation and ergonomic technologies that really make a difference.


Our Background 

Tim Hunter started What’s Worked and it’s  sister company to How they found a way in 2021. After spending 15 years working as a physiotherapist, research scientist and medical products entrepreneur, he felt that there must be a better way of helping people find the equipment they needed to pursue work and hobbies after an injury or persistent pain.

What’s worked is designed to make specialist product finding fundamentally better. We do this by finding and sharing cutting edge technology, who is benefitting from it and how much it is helping.

The company makes money through either advertising brands, commission from suppliers for referrals or direct sales of products. As a not for profit, all of our profits are reinvested into developing better ways of finding kit and funding projects that help inspire and motivate injured people to steal back more time doing work and hobbies that light them up.

Our Team

How they found a way is a super ambitious, kind company that honestly believes life is for living. All the team work from home with a flexible schedule that fits around their lifestyle. As a 100% mission driven business, people have joined us partly because they believe in the mission and want to help make it a reality. In turn, we work hard to ensure each team member is able to develop the work skills they are truly passionate about.


Nina Hunter-Torres (Editor):

Nina is the glue that holds the day to day business together and is involved in all things editing. Outside work Nina loves Zumba and is a busy mum of two.


Tim Hunter (Community Builder):

An Eternal optimist Tim loves all things rehab and business. When not working, Tim is planning adventures with his young family and friends.

Glenn Herriot - (Community Builder):

We feel super pleased to have Glenn on the team. As a recent business graduate, Glenn has a real thirst for building purpose driven businesses. Outside work, Glenn plays football and is an avid gamer. 


Garry Torrance (Finance Manager):

Garry is our accounts wizard. Operating as GMT accountancy, Garry looks after all the financial aspects of the business. Outside business Garry loves Triathlons and can often be found pounding the pavements in Kent