Who do Hag Capisco stools help the most?

Hag products are intended for use by people who like a higher sitting position but find the full saddle option a little uncomfortable. Instead, Hag uses a distinctive shape that combines the benefits of some of the aspects of saddle seating with the support given by a backrest.

In terms of customers with injuries and pain, it appears to be most popular for people with low back pain and nonspecific low back pain. In terms of environment, it is primarily aimed at workers in a dynamic environment, who are using sit-stand desks.

The Capisco by Hag also appeals to those who are keen on preserving their back health by maintaining good posture while seated

To this end, Hag seats encourage frequent position shift, thereby improving the sitting experience for those who need to remain seated at a workstation for an extended period of time. This applies both to those with back conditions and those who are keen to maintain their health and improve their posture.

What are the most popular models in the Hag Capisco stool range?

Hag Capisco: Ergonomic office stool with upholstered seat and back. Full adjustability and multiple sitting modes.  Used by men and women who need to sit for longer periods

Hag Capisco Puls: Similar to the Hag Capisco, in design but built as a more economical chair. Wipe clean surfaces and thinner seat padding. Used my men and women. Used by men and women who sit for shorter periods and need less padding.

What are the potential benefits of the Hag Capisco stools?

Hag utilises a highly distinctive shape which facilitates many different sitting positions, which the user can change between throughout the work session. Whilst there is little evidence to prove this helps reduce injuries the concept of regularly changing position is generally favoured in the ergonomic community.

From the small amount of feedback out there the pattern seems to be that users who have reported a benefit normally have a condition that is exacerbated by a static seating position. The Capisco encourages the user to change position regularly, which is thought by some scientists to ease pressure on the spine as well as increasing circulation. User reviews include reference to non-specific back discomfort being eased as well as a diminution of pain associated with herniated discs.

A key feature of Hag seats is their customisability, with different shapes and finishes available, as well as optional headrests and footrests. The brand prides itself on construction quality and offers a 10 year warranty.

Frequently asked questions about Hag Capisco stools?

Does sitting on a Hag seat take time to get used to? If you are only used to sitting on a conventional office chair, then, yes, it will require a period of acclimatising before you feel comfortable in an active sitting chair. One of the benefits of a Hag seat is that it is designed around offering several different possible seating positions. This means that a new user is more likely to find a position to suit in reasonably quick time. It is a good idea to start by limiting yourself to brief sitting periods, certainly no more than 30 minutes, interspersed with a walk around the room and a few stretches.

How sustainable are Hag stools? The company prioritises sustainability. To wit, in 1990, Hag was the first company in Norway to employ an Environmental Manager. As few components as possible are used in the build, resulting in a modest carbon footprint. The chair parts are 50% recycled and 90% recyclable. The construction process uses no hazardous chemicals.

How long is the warranty on the HAG Capisco? Ten years, for chairs that are in use up to nine hours per day. For chairs that are to be used up to 24 hours per day, the warranty is five years. The gas lift’s pneumatic cylinder has a lifetime guarantee. The Puls’ seat cushion has a three year warranty.

What is the user weight limit? The Capisco is suitable for users up to 114kg in weight.

How big are the chairs? The standard Capisco seat width is 470mm, and the depth is 340-420mm. The height, depending on the gas lift chosen, can vary from 380mm to 790mm. Seat back is 460mm. The Capisco Puls seat width is a little trimmer, at 460mm but the depth is greater, at 400-470mm. Overall height across the options is from 365mm to 770mm. Seat back is 400mm.

Can you adjust the height? Yes. Both models feature an impressive amount of adjustability in overall height (the 200mm gas lift gives a height range of 470mm-655mm), which gives suitability for any work height of over 720mm. Back and headrest height are also adjustable. Adjustability is controlled with levers under the seat surface.

How heavy are the chairs? The standard Capisco weighs 7.5kg when purchased without back and headrest. With back, it weighs 13.5kg. With headrest as well, it weighs 14.5kg. (Note: the rounded front version is 0.5kg heavier.) The Capisco Puls weighs 7kg without back, and 11.1kg with back (it does not come with a headrest option).

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