Who do Backapp stools help the most?

Backapp products are intended to improve the sitting experience for those who need to stay seated at a workstation for an extended period of time. The Backapp is most popular for two groups, primarily:

1)Those with back injuries. The Backapp stool with back support and wheels is designed to help by working and possibly strengthening the muscles around the spine

2)The products are also aimed at those who do not suffer from spinal issues and wish to maintain physical health and avoid injury by evading the negative consequences associated with the use of conventional seating.

Most customers who buy the Backapp are office workers or home workers/hobbyists.

What are the most popular models in the Backapp saddle stool range?

Backapp Smart: Heavy duty stool with a cushioned top, with a choice of four coverings. Most popular for male and female workers who sit for extended periods and who like saddle sitting but prefer a softer saddle.

Backapp Hipp: Carries the shape and feel of the smart but is a lighter cheaper stool featuring a moulded recycled soft plastic seat. More popular for light users and sit stand users.

Backapp Wheels: Incorporates all the key features of the back app smart with the addition of a wheeled base. Most popular for soft saddle users who want the back app experience but need a bit more mobility around the office.

What are the potential benefits of the Backapp stools?

From the reviews available online, it appears that most users leaving feedback have purchased the back app to help with low back pain. The back pain has ranged from chronic nonspecific low back pain and slipped discs to simple back stiffness.

A number of the users have found the Backapp stool helped them work with noticeably less pain. Some users noted that they found the movement of the stool the most helpful feature.

Backapp users often report healthier spines with continued use. The chairs are intended to benefit overall health too, based on the necessity to seek balance while sitting resulting a small but prolonged amount of physical activity.

Some users have also reported mental health improvements, possibly derived from the feeling of control delivered by achieving balance while using the seat.

Key features of the brand include sturdiness (the products are well made and come with five-year warranties) and good-looking modern and minimalist design. Adjustability is intentionally very simple, involving a turn of the balance ball to adjust the balancing task difficulty. Another feature is environmental friendliness: Backapp prioritises sustainability in its production process.

Frequently asked questions about Backapp stools?

Does sitting on a Backapp seat take time to get used to? If you are only used to sitting on a conventional office chair, then, yes, it will require a period of acclimatising before you feel comfortable in an active sitting chair. It is a good idea to start by limiting yourself to brief sitting periods, certainly no more than 30 minutes, interspersed with a walk around the room and a few stretches. Users have reported becoming completely comfortable with a Backapp chair after as little time as one week. However, some take longer, with up to six months being cited.

What is the best Backapp chair for me? The Smart is a great choice for those who want cushioned comfort and who are likely to locate the chair largely in one spot. The Hipp is better for the user who prioritises portability, it being a lighter product altogether. The Hipp is cheaper too, so it appeals to those who would prefer not to invest so much in their seating.

How sustainable is Backapp? Throughout the build process, Backapp chairs feature components sourced with sustainability in mind. For example, the Backapp Smart frame is constructed from 99.9% recycled aluminium and most of the rest of the seat is made from renewable materials. The entire seat is 100% free of heavy metals, and 90% of its parts were sourced locally in Scandinavia. With a five-year guarantee given as standard, longevity is a key characteristic of the chair. Moreover, should any components start to wear in due course, easy replaceability is built in. When the chair eventuality gives its all and repair is no longer an option, all the components are readily recycled.

What are Backapp Wheels? Combine the benefits of your Backapp chair with mobility by adding wheels, in silver or black. The chair is easily placed on the wheel set without any fixing necessary.

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