Becoming A TBI Blogger And Coach After A Traumatic Brain Injury

Mehret Hope, UK

Summary: Back in 2014 Michelle was working in a fast paced recruitment and liaison role. One day everything changed when after a car accident Michelle sustained a traumatic brain injury. The TBI left Michelle with speech difficulties, left sided weakness, short term memory loss and limited insight into her limitations. Michelle felt she had to resign from a job she had come to really enjoy and her mental health went downhill rapidly…

First Game Changer: Helping care for someone else

One of the biggest turning points for Michelle came from an unexpected family challenge. Michelle’s father had Alzheimer’s and Michelle felt it was her role to give him the best possible support. Whilst it wasn’t obvious at the time, the challenges she had to help her father with were pushing at the edges of her ability, which in turn was helping her recover the skills and confidence that had been stripped away by the injury.
As time progressed, Michelle felt she wanted to share everything she was learning with other people with brain injuries, which resulted in her starting the my jumbled brain blog.
People really appreciated the blog and as the positive feedback continued to grow, so too did Michelle’s hunger to keep developing new useful content

Second Game Changer: Following the advice of a business coach

After building the blog for several years, Michelle decided she wanted to learn more about business and after a fortuitous meeting with a business mentor, it was pointed out that she might make a great coach. The key point here is that many people would have taken this compliment and done nothing more, but Michelle acted on this advice and took the leap into coaching brain injury survivors and has continued to develop this service ever since.

The Little Things:

  • Daily Motivation: blogs cost money and time and so keeping your level of motivation up is really important. For Michelle making sure she reads feedback from clients and blog visitors who resonate with her message are powerful motivators.
  • Connecting:Michelle has learnt so much through following and connecting with other bloggers, particularly those working in the TBI community. Connecting with others has also helped her build her own audience.
  • Venting: Whilst Michelle’s blog is primarily designed to help others. She has realised the power of writing to vent her own frustrations with difficult situations.
  • Finding relatable stories:No one quite understands an injury quite like someone who has had a similar injury. Michelle offers that voice now, but has also used relatable stories in her own journey. For Michelle, who had suffered a diffuse axonal injury, a story by Richard Hammond (previous Top Gear host) who had suffered a similar injury was so relatable and life affirming that it has stayed with her to present day.

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Michelle is a regular and really well respected TBI blogger. She covers a really broad range of topics and takes people through many of the challenges that people face. At the same time she is able to inject fun and humour in her work. To read Michelle’s blog please click below:

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living with her own injury, Michelle has developed a deep understanding and empathy for people who have suffered a TBI. She has now taken all this life experience and developed a one to one coaching service, which is designed to help you get to the next stage of your recovery.