Working As A Hypnotherapist And Energy Healer With Chronic Fatigue And Pain

Stella Sheldon, UK

Summary: Stella was 28 when she suddenly developed extreme fatigue along with pain, aches, and brain fog. After several trips to the doctor, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, or ME. The diagnosis led to major changes in Stella’s life: she had to give up work, move house, and drastically reassess her life.

But now, three years later, Stella has realised that the diagnosis had some positive impact. Giving her symptoms a label at least allowed her to manager the condition and focus on dealing with it.

On good days, Stella is able to go about her business with minimal disruption. But on bad days, everything is much harder, and Stella often needs to spend most of her time just resting. She’s found that simply leaning into this feeling does help, though.

First Game Changer: Routine

An important turning point for Stella was when she learnt about the power of routine and now setting a daily routine has become a crucial part of her self management. Sticking to the same activities every day gives consistency and helps her through the bad ones. As part of her daily routine Stella does yoga, meditation, and Thai Chi on as many mornings as possible , after a slow and steady breakfast listening to podcasts.

Second Game changer: Hypnotherapy

Roughly a year ago, Stella discovered hypnotherapy. After a friend referred her, she decided to give it a try and was amazed by the feeling of lightness and euphoria it gave her. After speaking to her hypnotherapist, Joy, Stella decided to try her hand at a career in it.

Stella is now qualified in hypnotherapy and is already working with clients. Although her business is currently online, she plans to move to in-person sessions when possible. After wanting to be a therapist for most of her life, hypnotherapy just seemed like a natural fit.

The little things that help a lot

-To know you’re okay and that things are unfolding as they need to.

-Find the stories of others for motivation and confirmation that you’re not alone.

-Learn what your body needs and lean into this feeling when it comes about.

Learn More About Stella’s Work

Stella runs a company called Soulspace Norfolk, which provides a combination of Hypnotherapy + NLP as a way of helping people make changes in their life and unlocking unhelpful habits. To learn more about Soulspace Norfolk please Click here

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Another one of the therapies provided by Stella is Reiki Therapy, which is a form of alternative therapy otherwise known as energy healing.