Becoming A Pilates Instructor And Entrepreneur With Chronic Pain And Joint Hypermobility

Mehret Hope, UK

Summary: After over 20 years of persistent pain in the spine, back, hands and knees, Mehret was diagnosed with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder (HSD). At this point she was working as an office manager but after a series of unfortunately events she found herself unable to type, write, or even hold a cup of tea! Her symptoms were so challenging that Mehret even shaved her hair off so she didn’t have to face her painful routine of managing long hair

First Game Changer: Finding Pilates

Mehret’s first real game changer was when she chanced upon a Pilates class one day during her lunch break. It wasn’t so much that it was easy for her to do, but something about it made her feel so alive and she knew immediately that she wanted more. In fact, Pilates was so influential on her own condition, that she felt compelled to learn as much as she could which culminated in her becoming a Pilates instructor.
Pilates is now fully embedded in Mehret’s daily routine and through her own practice and teaching others, it has had a huge impact on her physical and mental wellbeing. Pilates has also formed the foundation to other ventures including massage and personal training etc.

Second Game Changer: Breathing Re-education

Along the way Mehret has tried a number of other approaches to help her condition. For her, the most effective approach that has helped her manage pain and the anxiety that comes with it is called breathing re-education which was taught to her Mr. Gerry Gajadharsingh DO. For more information on breathing re-education please click here

Time Stealers:

Mehret is fit and well and continues to thrive helping other people through Pilates.

Hypermobility doesn’t just go away and so Mehret has had to build out a series of regular self care techniques that steal her time doing what she loves:

  • Feet soft tissue stretching: Mehret’s condition means that she is more likely to get tight uncomfortable feet when working and so she regularly rolls a ball under her feet to stretch out the tissue
  • Hands Joint Protection: the hands are crucial in Mehret’s work for demonstrating techniques, moving equipment and working on patients and so Mehret has become vigilant about protecting her hands during day. She has now built an intuitive understanding of her body of what she can and shouldn’t do and by being disciplined in this approach she buys more quality time doing her work.

Learn More About Mehret’s Work

To listen to the Mehret Hope Podcast please click here.

Mehret is a Pilates specialist for common orthopaedic conditions. With over 10 years experience, Mehret has developed several areas of expertise including: Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Massage and Breathing Re-education.

As someone who manages Joint Hypermobility Syndrome herself, Mehret has a particular empathy for people living with hypermobility syndromes and uses her own unique insight to help others with similar conditions.

For Mehret her work has also become her hobby and when she is not teaching she is often sharing videos and articles as a Pilates blogger. To learn more about Mehret’s work please click here

The People Who Helped

Dr Grimaldi (Chronic pain Education)
Dr John Outhwaite (Chronic Pain Management)
Mr Gerry Gajadharsingh DO (Breathing Re-education)
Lucy Rix (Physiotherapist)
Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder Association(HSD)