Becoming An Author And Coach After A Traumatic Brain Injury

Gail Waitkun, USA

Summary: Before her injury Gail was a self described weekend warrior who would cycle, hike, swim and run.

When Gail was 42 a car accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury changed all of this. Gail was left with cognitive difficulties and reduced balance as well as anxiety and depression. Overall, whilst she looked ok, she felt she had been knocked out of the game of life.

Because many of her difficulties could not easily be observed, people often did not really know how to help, which in itself became a huge source of frustration. Increasingly, Gail felt she was going down a dark path and things needed to change.

First game changer: Accepting that she was going to be the person to help herself.

Gail can remember a point when something inside her said enough is enough and she started searching for help on the internet. Initially, she started learning about optimising nutrition for her recovery. The more she learnt, the better she felt and a side benefit was that she started communicating with more people and felt less lonely.

Second game changer: Writing:

Through her nutrition course, Gail had a chance meeting with a medical doctor called Dr Shaunna menard, who had written a book for health coaches. Gail was so inspired that she started writing about living with a TBI. This writing in her culminated in her publishing a book for people living with a TBI. As her book continued to help more people, Gail felt drawn towards coaching and now specialising in female athletes who have had a TBI return to their game.

The little things that help Gail with her writing an coaching: Practice:

Like any skill writing and coaching takes practice and so Gail has just kept at it over the years. The more she has put in the better the work has become


Gail believes mindset is incredibly important and so when she is having a difficult time she tries to practice what she describes as brain shifting. This is an incredibly simple but powerful idea that requires consciously moving away from the negative thought pattern to something much more positive. and appreciating the small things that you have in your life.

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Gail is a serial entrepreneur. Before her injury she taught art and had a skincare business. Since the injury Gail has become an author of the book “Heal your TBI” . She also coaches others suffering from TBI through helping them better understand their mind and how to understand the common challenges they may face. To visit Gail’s website please Click Here