Danijel Okic Blueprint
Weight Lifting, Running And Writing After A Traumatic Brain Injury

Danijel Okic, Austria

Summary: Daniel’s accident happened when he was taking part in a pro wrestling event in Austria. A unfortunate accident led to a heavy clash of heads and later that evening Daniel collapsed due to swelling on the brain.
Daniel was put into an induced coma for 18 days and this was the beginning of an incredibly challenging period. After regaining consciousnesses, Daniel had a loss of sensation and movement in his right foot and arm. In addition, his short term memory was impaired.

Building out passions

First Gamechanger: Leveraging your passions: One of the most important passions in Daniel’s life is, weightlifting. Initially, simply moving his limbs without any weights was a real challenge, but through throwing himself into his rehab program he gradually got stronger. As Daniel has progressed over the last six years he has managed to steadily increase his weights and has got to a point now that he can barely notice any limitation in this lower limbs.

Second Gamechanger: Learning to run: with the support of his physio, Daniel attempted to relearn how to run. It took a huge amount of effort and time, but the mental clarity it gave him played an important part in his recovery and continues to do so to this day. Interestingly, the running training also had a knock on effect on his walking pattern.

The little things made a Big Difference

Writing:Writing has become an increasingly important passion that has helped him on his journey. In Daniel’s own words;
“Writing is my holy grail. There is nothing like being able to take grab your readers attention and suck them into your world for the time they are reading”
He has always had fun when writing something, but it took Daniel a few years to realize that he could help people with it

Breaking recovery into a series of small goals: Recovery from an injury can seem like a mountain to climb, which can quickly become demotivating and sometimes overwhelming.
Daniel realised that he needed to see his recovery as a series of small goals that over time would lead to much bigger improvements

Support network: like many people who share their blueprints, Daniel acknowledges that his family, partner and close friends played a key role in helping him during his rehab.

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