Potential Health Benefits of Using a Saddle Chair and a Saddle Chair Posture

Many of us are seated for long periods of time and Ergonomic saddle stools have become increasingly popular for people who have been injured and those trying to prevent injuries. We believethat finding the right saddle chair and gaining the best saddle chair posture is important and so the aim of this article is to highlight some of the potential health benefits that a saddle stool posture may offer.

Ergonomic Saddle Stools for BackPain

Though sitting on an ergonomic saddle stool is perhaps not a first choice for many people after an injury or with pain, it has been suggested by a number of postural experts that the saddle shape facilitates a more natural way for a human to sit with the shoulder, hips,knees and ankles in alignment, like when you are riding a horse.

For a number of people with flexion related back pain, the open hip angle of a saddle stoolallows users to extend their spine more,which can be a more comfortable position. There are a range of saddle stools for back pain which work on the same principle, but have slightly different styles including the Backapp smart saddle chair, which is one of the softest ergonomic salli stools, the salli divided saddle chairstools which are firmer and most popular for dental professionals and the Score saddle chairs which are used by both office workers and clinicians.

Saddle Chair Posture and Genital/Prostate Health

Targeted at both men and women, the ergonomic saddle stools called Salli saddle chairs, are aimed at promoting genital health. The divided saddle chair is designed to reduce pressure on the saddle area and in turn enhance blood flow and circulation, whilst reducing the heat retention in the genital area.A number of users, and in particular male users have reported that the split feels more comfortable than an undivided seat. However, the long-term pressure benefits of this type of sitting are largely unknown.

Saddle Stool Posture for Hip Pain

Another issue for some workers is hip pain, which may be exacerbated by holding the hips at 90 degrees on a standard chair for extended periods of time.A standard Saddle stool posture may help this by opening out the hip position, which in turn may reduce the pressure on the hips.Most saddle stools including the Score saddles, Salli saddles and the Back app allow this open hip angle, but it is crucial that users don’t sit too low when they start using the chairs. As part of our community support program,we can provide all users with saddle sitting transition support.

Whilst not unique to saddle stools several of the Ergonomic saddle stool brands offer active movement options including the Back app smart, Salli swing and Score amazone balance. Essentially,all these chair mechanisms allow the users to gently rock the chair when they are sitting. Whilst the movement is subtle, some users do find that it helps reduce hip stiffness.

Saddle Chair Posture Summary

This summary article has highlighted some potential benefits of an ergonomic saddle stools. There are a number of different stools available and so if you want some help working out which saddle will be best for you, please contact us.