Finding some of the best Saddle Chairs for Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants


Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants have a much higher risk of developing musculoskeletal injuries, which at best can reduce productivity and at worst lead to significant periods of time off work.

Whilst the exact cause of these injuries is unknown, there is a growing consensus that working posture may play an important role, which is why we have seen an exponential growth in professionals trying to find Dental Hygiene Saddle Chairs and Dental Assistant Stools.

Finding the best saddle stool for a Dental Hygienist/Dental Assistant 

Low back pain: in our experience the lever-based forwards and backwards tilting seat stools, including, Salli Multiadjuster, Salli Multiadjuster small and Score Amazone tend to be popular for flexion related low back pain. This could be because the shape of the saddle and the anterior/posterior tilt allows the pelvis to roll forwards, and in turn increases extension in the low back.

Hip pain: We have also found that a number of female Hygienists and Dental Assistants who get sacroiliac joint pain or hip pain and prefer a more open hip angle, tend to also prefer the higher sitting position of the Salli Multi-adjuster and Salli Multi-adjuster small (if they are under 5ft 6). Another popular option is the Score Amazone, which is a single saddle stool but is significantly narrower than most saddles and therefore more comfortable for the female shaped pelvis.

Muscle tightness/Muscle Spasms: For some Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists who get muscle spasms and/or muscle tightness when they are in a static position for too long, it is worth exploring a more active Dental Assistant stool such as the Salli Swing Fit and Salli Swing Fit Small (for women under 5ft 6) and the Score Amazone Balance. These chairs all have what is most simply described as a general seat wobble which can be tightened and loosened and is designed to allow you to gently move the pelvis whilst working. 

Getting a backrest for an Ergonomic Dental Hygienist chair. 

We often get asked whether you need a backrest on a saddle stool. Some manufacturers will argue that the shape of a saddle negates the benefits of a backrest. Over the years however, we have found that some Hygienists and Assistants really want a backrest and can benefit from one. Sometimes this may be due to the fact that they are psychologically attached to the idea of a backrest and so adding a backrest increases the acceptance of the chair. Other professionals use a backrest as a way of resting their back periodically and even have a little stretch when they are not leaning forwards. Several popular options for a Dental Assistant saddle chair with a backrest include: Salli Multiadjuster with backrest and Score Amazone with backrest. Please note that we use the word backrest but in reality they are lumbar supports designed to support the lowest part of the spine.

Getting armrests on Saddle stools for Dental Hygienists.

From time to time we do get asked to recommend upper limb supports and so here are a few simple pointers we have learnt over the years. If your Hygienist or Assistant work requires static arm positions in front of you, a moveable crescent shaped rest, like a salli Multiadjuster with 360-degree support may be helpful. The Score stools can also have the same type of 360 support. This arm is attached to the gas stem and can rotate around to a range of different positions.If you need to have your arms more at your sides, you may prefer a Score Amazone barrage that has side positioned armrests.