Aeris Muvman What's Worked Buyers Guide


What is it?

The Aeris Muvman is a sit-stand desk chair. Like the company’s Swopper stool, it relies on active sitting. With the Muvman, this means the user sits but in an almost standing position with their feet on the floor and legs almost fully extended.


It features a tilting stem that allows for movement in all directions. The sitter can lean forwards while keeping their upper body straight and their core engaged. Much like the Swopper stool, this chair is designed for dynamic office environments.

Who does it help?

The Muvman is meant for people who use standing desks rather than normal desks. It’s suitable for both work and hobbies or any other activity that requires long periods of sitting.

Generally, its target audience falls into two categories:

Back injury: The Muvman keeps the core engaged and the spine active and straight. This makes it helpful for people with back pain as it keeps muscles working without overextending them.

Injury prevention: Many who sit while working know of the potential dangers it carries. The Muvman helps because it prevents muscle and spine compression from slouching for long periods.



While there has been plenty of research into the idea of standing and adjustable desks, there is currently nothing regarding seating devices. Also, there are no long-term random clinical trials involving Aeris’s other products, such as the Swopper.

However, there are various short-term, smaller research studies. One investigated the benefit of dynamic office environments and included the Swopper and Muvman. It found that active sitting devices were beneficial as part of a larger improvement of the workplace.

A 2012 study into active offices concluded that active seating devices helped to reduce workplace discomfort. It didn’t include the Muvman but did use the Swopper. So, while the results aren’t directly relevant, they still indicate the potential benefit of the Muvman.

There have been plenty of studies into standing and adjustable height desks. Most studies conclude standing desks are no better for health than sitting. It seems that adjustable height desks are the best for health when used properly. Combining this with the Muvman, which is designed for adjustable height desks, would likely be the best combination.

Aeris has observed the Muvman in use in a factory where workers would usually stand. Most found the chair provided better comfort without restricting movement range. However, this hasn’t been repeated in larger studies, meaning the results are only so relevant.

Unverified reports

Unverified reports are simply online user reviews. On one level, they are valuable because they show how the product helps in the real world. On the other hand, they lack the same kind of credibility as scientific studies.

What conditions does the Muvman help?

Most users report buying the Aeris Muvman to help with back pain, but don’t specify more than this. The Flexzone seat is meant to maintain circulation and relieve pressure in the legs but there is not enough to suggest how well this works.

How much has the Muvman helped?

Most reviews seem to be positive, there just aren’t very many of them. Users highlight the chair’s tilt function as helpful and praise its height. The fact that standing and adjustable desks are less common than sitting desks probably accounts for the lack of online feedback.

How difficult is it to use the Muvman?

The Muvman will take some adjustment because it’s a slightly unusual sitting position. You’re meant to perch on the edge of the seat rather than put your whole weight on it.

Users reported it took anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for them to get used to the stool’s height and movement. The tilt function might also take a bit of time, as it might feel slightly unusual in the early stages.

 What work/hobbies is the Muvman suitable for?

The Muvman will be good for anyone who wants a perch stool but likes to switch between sitting and standing. It’s not meant specifically for sitting but rather for taking the weight off your legs. For example, hobbies like sewing and painting would work well with the Muvman.

While there’s no official guidance on how often you should switch, the general pattern is to move between sitting and standing every 30 to 45 minutes.

Further Details 

Adjustability credentials 

Height: The Muvman is meant for standing desks, meaning it’s fairly tall. Its full height range is 51cm to 84cm. There is also a tall version that ranges from 60cm to 93cm.

Active movement: The Muvman has a 4-degree tilt joint at the base of its stem and also includes a spring strut. This means the sitter can lean forwards, for example, without slouching or overextending their muscles.

It’s designed so the sitter can keep their feet flat on the ground while taking the weight off their legs and spine. You can also adjust the spring strut to be more or less responsive.

Aesthetic credentials:

Aeris designed the Muvman as a sit-stand version of its popular Swopper stool. It relies on the same active movement principles but also includes the tilt joint for better accessibility. The company has won multiple awards for design and innovation based on its technology.

Sustainability credentials:

Aeris builds its products by hand at its German factory. It uses sustainable, low-VOC materials, and makes them recyclable whenever possible. Aeris’s factory runs primarily on solar power and the company has recently switched its logistics network over to electric vehicles.