Aeris 3Dee What’s Worked Buyers Guide


What is it?

The Aeris Swopper 3Dee is an active sitting desk chair. It uses the company’s Swopper active sitting technology. In plain terms, this is a large spring in the chair’s strut that provides a 10cm bounce and 360-degree tilt.

Its purpose is to keep the sitter’s core engaged and posture correct while sitting. The bounce provides enough movement to keep the body working, and Aeris claims this is the equivalent of a short walk.

Other than that, it’s identical to a normal office chair. It has a convex back, wheeled base, and adjustable seat height.

Who does it help?

The Swopper 3Dee is suitable for any desk-based job or hobby. Consumers fall into one of two categories:

Back injury: By keeping the core engaged and the spine active, the Swopper 3Dee can help to relieve back pain. It can provide a break from standing without the usual discomfort associated with sitting.

Injury prevention: Many of us know about the dangers of sitting for too long. The chair’s active movement helps to keep muscles engaged without overextending them. Also, it provides lumbar support, further helping to maintain posture.



There are currently no large-scale, high-quality random clinical trials investigating the benefit of Aeris’s active sitting technology. However, there have been several smaller studies looking at things like dynamic offices and active seating devices.

When Aeris shows up in these, it’s usually with its Swopper stool. But, as the 3Dee uses the same technology, the results are applicable here. The only thing it doesn’t include is the tilt technology.

Studies investigating active offices and dynamic environments concluded that devices like the Swopper are helpful as part of a larger change to offices.

A Polish company called HSR, a sports and recreation firm, compiled a list of studies involving the Aeris Swopper stool. All the results appear positive and report benefits to using the device. However, the report doesn’t link out to the studies, making it difficult to verify them.

While larger trials would be helpful, the results of these small studies are generally favourable to Aeris’s Swopper technology.

Unverified reports 

Unverified reports are online reviews and testimonials from users. While they lack the objective credibility of scientific studies, they can illustrate real-world use and benefit of the Swopper 3Dee.

What conditions does the Swopper help?

Most consumers of the Aeris Swopper 3Dee bought it to assist with back pain, although don’t state anything more specific. They are people who liked the idea of active sitting but wanted a backrest for better lumbar support.

How much has the Swopper helped?

Although there aren’t loads of reviews for the Swopper 3Dee, overall feedback is positive. Most report a reduction in back pain when using the chair at home or in the office. It made their working environment more comfortable.

How difficult is it to use the Swopper for work and hobbies?

In terms of using the Swopper 3Dee, it’s very easy. It features two adjustable wheels for springs and chair height. But, what does take practice is the chair’s bounce.

Some users reported it was a bit strange at first but became much easier after only a few uses. The same appears to be true for the tilt, although this might take a bit longer depending on your balance.

But, other users reported the active sitting technology was like second nature almost immediately.

What work/hobbies is the Swopper best for? 

Like the Swopper stool, the 3Dee is designed for use at a standard height desk. This means it’s suitable for any job or hobby done at a desk. But, it’ll be particularly helpful for activities that involve stretching in some way, such as reaching from one desk to another for materials or switching between two computer screens.

Further Details 

Adjustability credentials

Height: Like normal office chairs, the Swopper 3Dee has a gas spring for height adjustment. The standard chair adjusts between 42cm and 56cm and is suitable for people who weigh between 50kg and 120kg.

It also comes in a tall version that adjusts between 45cm and 59cm. This is meant for people taller than 1.85m or who weigh more than 120kg.

Active movement: Aeris’s Swopper technology boils down to a spring in the seat’s strut. It has a 10cm bounce, allowing the sitter to keep their feet on the ground while engaging their core muscles.

The 3Dee also has two springs in the base that allow the sitter to tilt in any direction. It helps when reaching for things and prevents over-extension.

Like the Swopper stool, it’s possible to adjust the spring’s sensitivity. This is helpful when adjusting to its active movement.

Aesthetic credentials

Aeris designed the Swopper 3Dee as a chair version of its popular Swopper stool. It features the same principles and design but with an added backrest. There’s also the tilt movement, similar to its Muvman sit-stand desk stool. Aeris has won numerous awards for design, innovation, and sustainability.

Sustainability credentials

Aeris builds all its products by hand in its German factory. It runs mainly on solar power and the company has recently begun switching its logistics fleet over to electric vehicles.

The company uses low-VOC and environmentally-friendly materials.