Kailo - crowdfunded drug free device with big ambitions for helping pain - tech summary and user stories

In today’s medical rehab tech overview we share a quick intro to the Kailo system and some short stories from some users - 3 Min read….

This article was written by the non-profit team from What’s Worked, who help share the equipment and stories of people who have found a way back to work or hobbies after life altering injuries, illnesses or chronic pain.

What is Kailo? Kailo has been designed and marketed as a drug-free method of tackling pain. The Kailo unit is described as containing charged nano particles which they believe work in conjunction with your body’s electrical system, acting to render the user’s pain less severe.

The machine looks a bit like a TENS machine. The adhesive pad can be applied to most areas of the body, but has most commonly been used on the knee, elbow, head, neck, shoulder, upper and lower back, ankle, foot, hand and wrist. Application is possible via athletic or medical tape, if the user prefers. The unit is waterproof and can be worn over or under clothing.

As with most non-pharma pain relief devices , there simply is not enough research to fully evaluate the effects of KAILO which makes it difficult to verify the company’s claims. Nonetheless, there have been some interesting preliminary results. In October 2020, an IRB-approved study demonstrated a statistically-significant reduction in pain severity and patient preference over medication.


We have highlighted some user stories below. Please note these are unverified reviews from Kailo and need to be considered accordingly:

Liza’s Story: Liza was involved in a road traffic accident at the age of 17, which resulted in life changing injuries and a series of extensive operations. Fibromyalgia followed, with concomitant levels of pain. Liza was offered a trial with Kailo, and went in with a somewhat sceptical attitude, being resigned to a life of pain.

However, much to her surprise, the unit succeeded in reducing her pain. Her joy is clear: ‘IT WORKED! It took a little while to figure out where to best place it. But then... RELIEF! I have found relief from my shoulder, neck, hand, arm, hip and back pain so far. Not a cure, but relief. I can now wake up in the morning not feeling sore, stiff and in pain. It has helped my quality of life. Finally, some relief. It WORKS.’

Melody’s Story: Working in retail in the US, Melody found that after every shift she was in severe foot pain and struggled even to walk back into her home. The doctor diagnosed plantar fasciitis as well as tendon trauma. Surgery was performed and a regimen of Lyrica was prescribed in order to manage Melody’s pain.

Finding the side effects (memory loss, loss of mental acuity and dizziness) to be quite debilitating, store manager Melody was reluctant to take the medication longterm, so when her sister suddenly applied a Kailo unit on the way into a party, Melody was happy to try it out. To her delight, she found that the unit worked instantly. ‘My sister just knelt down and did it and suddenly it was like “I need this, I need it now!”’

Using Kailo has meant that Melody has been able to reduce her medication dosage by 75%. She has benefitted in terms of experiencing fewer side effects and saving money and is very pleased with the results. ‘It’s hard to express when you’ve lived with pain for so long how exciting it is to be out of pain’. She continues:  ‘All I can say is try it…. It will change your life’

Michael’s Story: Michael was suffering from daily muscle spasms that affected him whenever he walked for more than two minutes. Mowing and vacuuming were becoming impossible. To make matters worse, Michael was experiencing severe spasms whenever he lay down to go to sleep. He says it felt like his spine was being crushed in a vice.

For four years, Michael underwent many chiropractic and orthopaedic treatments with very little success. The pain remained. When he tried Kailo, however, he was impressed.  ‘It (gave) me amazing relief from the daily pain that I had been feeling’, said Michael. ‘It took me about three miutes before I found a good spot on my upper back. The pain went away within seconds.’

While he is aware that the Kailo is not actually fixing the underlying issue but merely tackling the pain, Michael finds the unit to be of major benefit in assisting him to manage without having to resort to vast amounts of medication.