Ben Harris AKA The Fear Guy Helps You Understand The Importance Of Fear

Ben Harris is a life coach and podcaster, formally known as “The Fear Guy”. His coaching model is not based around removing fear, but rather around understanding how you can use it to grow.

If you’ve suffered from an accident or live with a chronic illness, it’s fair to assume fear plays a big part in your life. But as Ben teaches, fear isn’t always a bad thing.

What is fear?

Ben’s entire philosophy is built around acknowledging and working with fear. It’s something we’re taught to avoid or see negatively, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Fear arises when we are threatened by something. Back when we were a primitive species, this was obviously useful. It was our reactionary mechanism to avoid threats and predators to keep us alive.

And while our quality of life and safety have improved massively, our perception of fear hasn’t. Ben argues that are bodies are hardwired to perceive fear, and so we continue to look for threats when, for the most part, we no longer face any.

Granted, this statement doesn’t apply to everyone all the time, but most people don’t experience life-threatening situations in their everyday lives. However, our minds still look for things to fear, which can lead to irrational thought processes and anxiety.

Feeling free

In an episode of the Amazing Humans Being Show, Ben talks about how we can embrace our fear for change.Working out what we’re scared of helps us to accept challenges and grow. This is particularly true if we’re afraid of something; the feeling of achievement we get from completing it is something else.

As Ben argues, taking a leap into something we’re afraid of can end in one of two ways. The first is that we succeed and grow. The second is that we fail, learn from our mistakes, and try again. It’s failure that many people are scared of, not actually doing the thing.

If we’re afraid of something and don’t make the leap, the best-case scenario is that things stay the same. The worst-case scenario is that we regret not taking an opportunity presented to us, simply because we were afraid.

In short, we stand to gain more from taking the leap into fear than we do from avoiding it. At some point in our lives, we must all embrace fear in some shape or form. 

Part of how we can embrace fear is to manifest success. If we convince ourselves that we’ll be successful, success will come our way. This is a difficult thing for many people to believe in, but positive manifestation can really help your outlook if nothing else.

Using the power of fear

Ben is a life coach, he’s very present on social media. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as the.fear.guy, on Twitter as the_fear_guy, or on his website. Alternatively, he hosts the Feeling Free podcast, which is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Consider looking him up if you want to understand and embrace fear.